Robo-Manus' profile from Super Battletoads

Robo-Manus is one of the main bosses of the Battletoads series. A truly bizarre character, Robo-Manus is a Mutant Biogen: a half-organic, half-machine monstrosity armed with a potent array of weapons. He is notorious for having a different appearance, size and battle strategy in each game. Robo-Manus serves as one of the Dark Queen's two main guardians (the other being Big Blag).

Robo-Manus first appears in the NES game as the boss of Stage 8, Intruder Excluder. He appears armed with a rapid-fire gun and will also attempt to stomp on the 'Toads for a one-hit kill. He next appears in the Game Boy sequel as the final boss, where Zitz must smash off his arms and head with a hammer while avoiding his ever-increasing attacks.

In Battletoads and Double Dragon, Robo-Manus appears as the boss of Stage 5, this time with an extendable neck and a laser blaster in his mouth. Finally, Robo-Manus appears in the arcade game, again as the final boss. Armed with guns, the 'Toads must blast his head and hands at every opportunity. Seeing as how he's been given the final boss role twice, it's possible that Robo-Manus is the second-in-command of the Dark Queen's armies.



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