Warp levels are stages in the NES game Battletoads that include warps to later stages, allowing the gamer to bypass certain areas. Warps are beneficial to players who wish to complete the game quickly or skip levels that are tedious or troublesome.


A warp appears similar to a checkpoint in that tiny points of light appear. However, when the points of light are used to indicate the presence of a warp, they center on very specific spots and move inward and outward repeatedly before vanishing. They are typically only onscreen for two to three seconds and must be entered quickly in order to be used, otherwise the opportunity to warp is lost.


  • The first warp is in Stage One, Ragnarok's Canyon, at the beginning. Right after touching down, the player must quickly run to the left and defeat the enemy with a ram attack, then immediately run to the right and defeat the other enemy in the same manner. If this is done quickly enough, a warp will be visible on the cliff above as the screen scrolls. The player must ready to enter the warp as soon as it appears as it vanishes almost immediately. This warp takes the player to the Turbo Tunnel, completely bypassing the Wookie Hole.
  • The second warp can be found in Stage Three, the Turbo Tunnel. It is located near the end of the stage, during the fifth and final section. This section is distinguished by its walls suddenly appearing without a prior flashing warning, testing the player's reflex and skill. The warp is positioned directly in front of the tenth wall. To enter, the player must dodge the first nine walls and then move to collide with the tenth. If done properly, the player will not crash but instead be warped ahead to Surf City, completely bypassing the Arctic Cavern.
  • The third warp is located in Stage Four, the Arctic Cavern. It is placed near the end of the stage and requires the player to be particularly alert to locate it. When the player reaches a floating platform that drops under the Toad's weight, the player should be on the lookout for two floating point values on the way down (both 5,000). If they are there, then the position of the warp is just above. The player must repeatedly jump to make the platform rise again. The warp will suddenly appear in midair, and stays onscreen slightly longer than the other warps in the game. The player needs only to continue jumping until reaching the warp. If the warp vanishes before the player can reach it, dying and respawning at the checkpoint will give the player another opportunity to summon it. This warp takes the player to Karnath's Lair, completely bypassing Surf City.
  • The final warp can be found in Stage Six, Karnath's Lair. It is located in the second of the stage's four rooms. After completing the first room, the player will drop onto a platform from which a snake will emerge. The player must climb the snake and, immediately after reaching its highest point, run to the right and right off the edge of the snake. If the player continually holds down right, the Toad will keep moving to the right through the air and land on a second platform in the right corner. The warp is on this platform, right by the wall. The player should hit the ground running to catch the warp as it disappears quickly. This warp takes the player to the Intruder Excluder, completely bypassing Volkmire's Inferno.

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