Big Blag (or just Blag) is one of the main villains that works for the Dark Queen, appearing in all of the main games except for Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.


In all appearances, he is a strong and morbidly obese brown rat with unkempt black hair.

In Battletoads and in the Game Boy game, Blag wears spiked black leather briefs and spiked black leather shoulder bands, and a spiked ball at the end of his tail.

In Battletoads and Double Dragon, Blag wears a teal singlet that does not cover his front upper body. He also wears a spiked ball on his tail, but does not use it.

In the arcade game, Blag wears a purple full singlet, torn beige leggings, bracelets, a spiked ball on his tail, and ammunition belts across his torso and wrapped around his shoulders. During certain moments in his appearance, Blag doubles in size and his outfit spontaneously changes to one more resembling his outfit in the first games (the singlet, bracelets and ammunition belts disappear), but his leggings and hair become a lavender color.

Major AppearancesEdit

Like most of the enemies in the franchise, Big Blag made his debut appearance in the first game, Battletoads. He is mentioned in the title opening, and appears in-game in Stage 5, Surf City, where he uses his heavy body and spiked tail to damage the player.

In Battletoads and Double Dragon, Blag's tail becomes a normal rat tail and is no longer used to kill the player. Instead, he jumps with one of his arms clenched and sticking out.

Big Blag makes another appearance in the Battletoads arcade game as a boss in his last major encounter. He looks more vicious and has stranger ways of attacking than before. Now, to attack, he can kick, enlarge to flatten the player, and do a few other moves.

In the Animated PilotEdit

Big Blag has also appeared in the animated pilot as one of the Dark Queen's followers. He appears in some scenes, but is never identified by his name, nor does he speak.