Battletoads for the Game Boy (not to be confused with Battletoads in Ragnarok's World, which is a port of the NES game) is the second game in the Battletoads series.


Having taken a break from their adventures, the Battletoads Rash, Zitz, and Pimple spend some time in the Lost Vega system. The 'Toads find themselves entranced by the alluring charms of an exotic dancer, but are ambushed when the dancer is revealed to be the Dark Queen. During the ensuing fight, Rash and Pimple are taken away to the planet Armagedda, leaving Zitz as the only available Toad to rescue them. With aid from Prof. T-Bird, Zitz wages a one-Toad war on the Dark Queen's forces, ultimately culminating with a brutal showdown with the crazed biogen Robo-Manus.


As with the NES version, the gameplay is a mix of side-scrolling fighting and various vehicle races. When fighting, Zitz is capable of unleashing powerful Smash Hits to finish off weakened enemies. Vehicle stages put a stronger emphasis on memorization and speed. Almost every stage finishes with a battle against a boss.

Zitz is given three lives and three continues to complete the game, after which he must start over.


Stage 1 - Zitz' mission begins on Armagedda's surface, where Psyko-Pigs and rat-piloted UFOs roam about to destroy intruders. General Slaughter is the boss, whose main attack is to try and stomp on Zitz.
Stage 2 - Similiar to Volkmire's Inferno in the NES game, Zitz must pilot a speeder-bike through a deadly obstacle course. A major difference is that the speeder bike is armed with a laser cannon, allowing Zitz to shoot down incoming enemies. Scuzz the Rat appears piloting the Rat Rocket at the end, and must be shot down with extreme prejudice.
Stage 3 - The dark caverns of Armagedda are treacherous with Rats, open flames, and large chasms. Zitz must use the vines to swing across the larger gaps before reaching the deadly, bat-like Darkling.
Stage 4 - Despite being an amphibious species, Zitz can't swim, which is a problem as the action proceeds downriver. After some initial leap-frogging, Zitz hits the waves on a jet-ski, dodging logs, rafting Rats, and the relentless Wurm.
Stage 5 - The zig-zagging stage puts Zitz in a foot-race against the constantly rolling Brain-Damage Boulder. Mind the sudden turns and don't stop, or you'll be losing weight the hard way.
Stage 6 - Just like in the Wookie Hole, Zitz rappels down the bottomless chasm, dodging birds, spikes, and Saturn Toadtraps. Contrary to prior mention, there actually is a bottom, and Big Blag defends it with utmost zeal.
Stage 7 - Zitz must keep balance and avoid obstacles as he runs around the circular platforms. Part of the challenge is the pseudo-3D effect of running around the platforms. The last obstacle is General Vermin, who packs a nasty-looking mace.
Stage 8 - In the penultimate stage, Zitz straps on a jet-pack and flies high to the tip-top of the Dark Queen's tower. There's barricades, laser beams, and enemies to shoot down during the flight. One more thing: you only gets 99 seconds!
Stage 9 - The Robo-Manus awaits! Destroy the arms, then the head, and try not to take too much damage.